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Winter Curb Appeal – Easy and Affordable Ways to Attract More Buyers

Photo of Cape Cod home in the winter

Tips for Great Winter Curb Appeal

Now is a great time to sell your home as buyers are looking to be “Home for the Holidays.” Here are some tips on maintaining great curb appeal during the winter to attract more buyers.

Keep Up With Outdoor Maintenance

Clear the sidewalks and driveway of snow and put down sand or salt so that buyers can make it to your door safely. Eliminate any large or sharp icicles to avoid accidents. Remove ice dams that could cause damage to the roof or ceilings inside. If you expect showings while you are at work or out of town, see if you can hire someone in the neighborhood to keep up with the plowing for you for a nominal fee.

Use Natural Elements

Bring out some natural elements and use what you already have. Put some lights on your trees. Hang a balsam or cedar wreath on the front door or windows. Strategically placed spotlights can show off special architectural features or tasteful decorations during long, dark evenings.

Less May Be More

Try not to go overboard. While we can all appreciate Clark Griswold’s vision, chances are the only ones excited about such a display would be you and your electric company. Everyone has different tastes, and while you may want as many lighted reindeer as will fit in your front yard, the goal is to make your house attractive to as many buyers as possible.

Inside Out

Think about how what you do inside may change how your house appears from the outside. If you do not get home from work until after the sun goes down, put some indoor lights on timers so that your home looks warm and inviting to passersby. Have you ever driven by a home and were able to smell that there was a fire roaring in the fireplace? Such smells can bring back warm memories, and ultimately bring in buyers.

Are you thinking about selling your home this winter? Do you need additional tips on how to deck your halls? Rather than wondering while wandering, contact the real estate experts at The Bouma Group and we will bring some joy to your world by answering your questions and providing peace of mind throughout your sale. Give us a call today at 734-761-3060 or email!

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