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Ann Arbor Real Estate Report – June 2020

Comparable Listing Prices but Less Inventory for Ann Arbor Homes

Although their is some uncertainty about the future of the housing market, the average listing price for Ann Arbor homes in June, $508,749, is comparable to that of last June, $507,887. This past month a total of 137 homes were added to the multiple listings service, only a 13.3% decline from the 158 homes listed in June 2019. Unfortunately for sellers, there has been a more considerable decrease of 24.8% in the amount of sales, from 129 to 97 sold this June. The average sale price is $443,911 and in comparison to the $514,071 ASP of homes the previous June, this is a 13.6% decrease. In the month of June, homes usually spent 35 days on the market before selling.

Looking at the year-to-date statistics, we see a similar trend with the ALP where currently it is $523,410, and this is only a minimal difference compared to the last year when the ALP was $531,389. As for the ASP there is only a 3.8% decline, $470,685 to $452,620 at the moment. The biggest difference is seen between inventory. So far this year, 620 homes have been listed, a 29.5% decrease compared to the 880 in 2019 at this time. The amount of sold homes have experienced an even greater decline of 35.2%, from 514 last year to 333 now.

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