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Power of a Cash Buyer in Today’s Real Estate Market

5 Reasons Why Cash is King in Real EstateHouse with Cash for Real Estate Market

You may have heard that term before, ‘Cash is King’ when referring to a whole host of things. But it’s never been more true than in today’s real estate market. With such a lack of inventory, especially in the Ann Arbor area, as soon as a home comes to the market for sale, it’s not uncommon for it to receive multiple offers. Here are a few reasons why a cash offer is more appealing to the seller.

With a Cash Offer:

  • There is no question that the buyer will be able to secure a loan for the purchase price.
  • A lot of potential problems with financing are avoided.
  • Since no bank appraisal is required, there is no worry that the home won’t appraise.
  • The seller has more confidence in the buyer.
  • It makes for a smoother transaction throughout the closing process.

While requiring financing isn’t a bad thing when making an offer on a home, in fact it’s the norm, if a buyer does have cash, the offer can be more appealing to the seller. To learn more about purchasing a home in today’s real estate market and the best way to make an offer, contact us at 734-761-3060 or With over 27 years in the real estate business, we have the experience to help guide you through the process!

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