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End of Winter Projects to Get Ready for Spring

Get Ready for Spring!  Frozen Fence Waiting for Spring to Come

The groundhog appears to have been right and it’s hard to believe that spring will ever come. Now is the perfect time to finish some final winter projects so you’ll be ready when the flowers start to bloom. Consider working on these during your last few (hopefully) cold days to get ready for spring:

  • Have your lawn mower blades and other tools sharpened, pick up some extra spark plugs and smoke alarm batteries, change the furnace filter, and check your garden hose for leaks.
  • Take advantage of the end-of-season sales to buy next year’s winter gear for your growing kids.
  • When you’re planning next week’s meals, make a couple of double batches and freeze the extras for reheating later. When summer comes and you want to spend all of your time outside, you’ll be thankful you planned ahead and already cooked dinner.
  • After trudging in with dirty boots every day, your carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture might need a little TLC. Schedule a professional cleaning to leave your entire house feeling clean and fresh.

  • Make plans for vacations and summer camps now, or at least start looking into it. Travel and leisure activities often cost less the farther you book in advance. Ask for time off now before your coworkers claim all of the holiday weekends. It’s also a good idea to start saving for those excursions now.
  • Speaking of saving, why not start setting aside some money each week to save for next year’s winter holiday spending? Some banks still offer “Christmas Club” accounts or something similar, but any regular savings account, piggy bank, or canning jar will work.
  • This is the perfect time for interior painting projects! Lighten up your walls and trim and brighten up your home. Paint Colors for Spring Painting
  • Give yourself plenty of time to relax this summer by finishing some less exciting tasks now – income taxes, insurance updates, paperwork filing, appliance shopping, and whatever else you’ve been putting off.
  • Jump start your spring cleaning routine. Set out boxes for recycle, trash, or donation in the basement or an extra bedroom, and spend a few minutes each day cleaning up and cleaning out an area of your house. You’ll have transformed your whole house by the end of the month!
  • Update your first-aid kit for the bumps and bruises that come with outdoor summer adventures. Replace expired or empty products and update your list of emergency contacts.
  • If you’re thinking of making big changes – inside or out – contact contractors for bid appointments now to get on their schedule while there are still early openings.
  • Get a head start on your garden by planting seeds for flowers and vegetable plants near a sunny window.
  • Don’t forget about the technology! Download and organize holiday photos, backup your devices, and spend a few minutes deleting apps you no longer use from your phone.

Indoor Starter Plants for your Garden
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