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Get Ready for a Busy Spring 2023 Real Estate Market

The Spring Market is Here!

Ann Arbor, Michigan, known for its vibrant arts scene, lively downtown, and home to the University of Michigan, has consistently been one of the country’s most sought-after real estate markets. As the Spring 2023 real estate season unfolds, buyers and sellers in the Ann Arbor area are receiving mixed forecasts when hearing the national real estate news. Let’s explore projections for the upcoming season in terms of inventory, homes, condos, interest rates, and more.

Sellers Market Continues

The Ann Arbor real estate market has been characterized as a seller’s market for several years, with high buyer demand and limited inventory. Despite new builds and developments, the supply of homes available for purchase is not meeting the increased demand, which can be attributed in part to population growth and a thriving job market. While the inventory levels are not expected to significantly increase in Spring 2023, sellers can still expect a competitive market with multiple offers and a relatively short time on the market.

Rising Home Prices

A result of the limited inventory and strong demand is rising home prices in Ann Arbor. As of the end of 2022, the median home price was around $430,000, a remarkable increase of 30.3% compared with 2018. This trend is projected to continue into Spring 2023, with homes and condos appreciating even higher than the national average. For sellers, this means an opportunity to capitalize on their investments, while buyers should come prepared to make competitive offers while keeping a close eye on their budget.

Interest Rates on the Rise

Interest rates have been historically low for quite some time, which has only added fuel to the fire of the Ann Arbor real estate market. Buyers enticed by these low rates have contributed to the increased demand for homes in the area. However, interest rate hikes are projected for Spring 2023, with possible increases throughout the year. This may act as a balancing factor, deterring some potential buyers and allowing others the chance to find their perfect home.

Condo Market Flourishes

While the real estate market as a whole has been strong in Ann Arbor, the condo market, in particular, has been thriving. With a myriad of new developments offering modern amenities and convenient locations near campus or downtown, condos are becoming a popular choice for both first-time homebuyers and those looking to downsize. This trend is expected to continue in Spring 2023, with even more condo developments being completed, adding to the overall inventory of available properties.

Advice for Buyers and Sellers

For those looking to buy or sell property in Ann Arbor during Spring 2023, it is crucial to stay informed about the latest market trends and have realistic expectations about the process. Sellers should be prepared for multiple offers and consider their pricing strategy carefully, while buyers must be prepared to act quickly in a competitive market.

In conclusion, the Ann Arbor real estate market promises to be just as intense this Spring 2023 as it has been in recent years. Continued demand and limited inventory will continue the seller’s market, and potential buyers should be prepared for the challenges that come with a competitive market. Partnering with an experienced real estate agent at The Bouma Group who knows the Ann Arbor market can help buyers and sellers navigate this complex landscape, making sound decisions for their future investments. Contact us today to talk about your buying and/or selling options, we’d love to hear from you! 734-761-3060 or