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Ann Arbor Real Estate Report – September 2019

Decrease in New Inventory and Listing Prices

In the month of September, Ann Arbor homes saw a decline in the average listing price from $530,567 to $472,435, an 11% drop. Compared to last September when 137 homes were entered into the multiple listings service, there has been an considerable 25.5% decrease to having only 102 homes added. Luckily for sellers though, 22.1% more homes have been sold this past month. from 71 sold September 2018 to 88 most recently. The average sale price continued to stay consistent to the previous ASP, only a slight decline to $434,072. Unfortunately for sellers, the average amount of days on the market has greatly increased 65% to 43 days.

Looking ahead to year-to-date statistics, we only see slight variations in the numbers comparatively. There was only a slight decline in the amount of homes listed thus far, 1277 as of now. The average listing price decreased 4.4%, $489,791 versus $511,226. Similar to the previous listings inventory, there has also only been a slight decrease compared to last year’s numbers – with 851 homes being sold thus far. As for the ASP, there has been a 4.1% increase from $441,322 to $459,906.

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