Saline Real Estate Report – April 2018

An Increase in Listings and Sales in Saline

Saline Real Estate Report April 2018

In April, Saline Real Estate saw a significant jump of 51% in the amount of listings entered this month compared to April last year, 62 versus 41. The average listing price did decline slightly from $501,642 to $490,153.  A 12% increase in the amount of sales this year equals a 3 home difference, with 28 homes selling in April. Like listing prices, selling prices also saw a decrease. Last year during April, selling prices averaged at $431,895, and this year selling prices averaged 10% lower at $389,144. The average days on the market were extended from 33 days last year to 46 in 2018. But year-to-date statistics rose in general, there were more listings with a higher listing price and higher selling price in comparison to the year prior. The amount of listings thus far increased by 10% compared to last year, from 124 homes listed to 136 homes listed. Listing prices went from $458,838 to $483,633, which is a 5% increase. There was a 6% decline in the amount of homes sold year-to-date, with 74 homes selling so far this year. Presumably because listing prices rose, selling prices also did; so far this year the average price of properties sold increased 11%, $421,314 versus $379,481. Overall, Saline has a balanced market, especially within the 400k to 500k price range. Below 400k would be classified as a seller’s market; whereas above 500k would be considered part of a buyer’s market. Similar trends were also found in the last quarter report, but those in the seller’s market are slowly increasing their current month supply this year.

If Saline continues on this trajectory, it should be a successful year. With more inventory on the market, buyer’s have more options and seller’s must properly evaluate the value of their homes. Whether you are buying or selling, contact the real estate specialists with The Bouma Group at (734)761-3060 or email Stay tuned for more market updates here!

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