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Ann Arbor Real Estate Report – June 2021

The Ann Arbor Housing Market Stays Similar

In comparison to both last June and the year-to-date statistics, the Ann Arbor residential real estate market has remained consistent. There was a slight increase in the amount of new inventory from 204 to 208 this past month. Sold homes rose as well with 148 properties closing – a 9.6% increase from 135 before. The average sale price increased by 21.2%, thus coming to $547,277 versus the the ASP of $451,615 prior. On average, listings sat on the market for 17 days, a 52.8% decline from the previous June.

Overall, the year-to-date numbers did not show much of a change. 931 homes were added into the multiple listings service so far in 2021, which is a minimal increase from the 921 before. The one considerable change was in the sold homes; there was a 36.4% increase from 475 to 648 currently. Cumulatively, the ASP for those homes was $529,542 in comparison to the $453,880 – a 16.7% rise.

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