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Ann Arbor Condo Report – May 2018

Prices Increase for Ann Arbor Condominiums

Ann Arbor Condo Report - MayIn all aspects, prices have increased for Ann Arbor condos in May; this is most likely because inventory has declined. This May, 87 new listings were entered which is 2.2% decrease compared to the 89 units last May.  The average listing price rose a sizable 22.6%, from $265,209 to $325,026. With less condos listed, units are generally on the market for 20 days; which is 10 days less compared to May 2017. There is a decline of 16.5% less condos sold this May compared to the previous, 66 sold condos versus 79. The average selling price for Ann Arbor condos is $261,307, which is a decent increase of 11% from $235,619. So far this year, there has been 21 less listings entered in comparison to the previous year when 343 listings were entered. Average listing prices thus far have increased 13% though, from $300,708 to $340,005. Similarly, selling prices have also rose from $251,891 to $280,017, which is a difference of 11.2%. There was a 18.9% decline in the amount of sales so far this year compared to last, 189 sold condos versus 233. In general, it is a seller’s market for Ann Arbor condos, especially for inexpensive units that are below $300k. Condos that are sold above $400k are considered a buyer’s market though.

With less inventory, sales are rising and because of this Ann Arbor condos are moving towards a more balanced market. Whether you are looking to buy or to sell your condo, contact the condo experts with The Bouma Group at (734)761-3060 or email Check back here for more information about the Ann Arbor market!


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