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Thinking of Purchasing an Ann Arbor Home?

Thinking of going it alone to save time and money?     
Think again…

But you’re saying to yourself, ‘All of the information is right there on the internet; the home buyer’s checklists, the mortgage rates, hundreds of real estate websites with all of the search functionality ever needed to find my dream home’. Oh it’s possible to do it yourself, but not recommended if you really want to save time and money.

Reason #1: It’s FREE. As a home buyer, you do not pay for your Realtor services.  In the business of real estate, the home seller compensates both agents in the transaction, the agent the home is listed with and the agent that brings the buyer.

Reason #2: Knowledge. Savvy Realtors know the local market and individual neighborhood trends. They have toured many homes in many areas and can help pinpoint those that fit your exact needs and rule out those that don’t, saving you time and energy.  Their expert skills can determine what a home is really worth and what price you should reasonably expect to pay for it.  A real estate website can’t do that, it doesn’t know the nuances of a neighborhood and all of the factors that lead to a home’s actual value.

Reason #3: Negotiation Skills. The negotiation process does not end when the two parties agree on a sale price. Nowadays, everything is negotiated from the inspection to the date of possession.  A Realtor can also best represent your needs without letting emotions get in the way. An emotionally charged, or weak negotiation can lead to you paying too much for, or even worse, losing the home of your dreams.

Reason #4: Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. If you’ve purchased a home in the past, you know just how many documents and signatures are involved.  A Realtor can help guide you through the stacks of papers and help you understand exactly what you’re signing and why. They can also help keep track of all offers and counter offers and make sure you have a legitimate contract, saving you hours of potential frustration and worry.

Reason #5: Professional Network. Seasoned Realtors have built up a network of trusted professionals to help you with your home buying process. They can recommend the best mortgage lenders, home inspectors, title insurance companies, and contractors based on their own experiences. If the home you want to purchase needs a new roof, they can help make the process as painless as possible for you and your wallet.

So why would you want to do all of the work yourself, when you can have the best Ann Arbor Real Estate Team on your side?  At The Bouma Group, our Buyer’s Agents focus 100% of their time and effort in touring Ann Arbor area homes, showing properties, and representing buyers throughout the entire offer negotiation process, be it a resale home, foreclosure, or new construction. Purchasing a home is the largest investment most of us will make in a lifetime, let our team represent your best interests. While you can spend your time viewing hundreds of homes on the web, actually buying your home is another matter entirely.  Contact us today at 734-761-3060 or to begin your search for a new home in the Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County area.

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