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Located on Liberty St. in downtown Ann Arbor is Encore Records. One of only a few right downtown. You can come here to buy and trade music… perfect for a real music fan of vinyl, CD’s, and cassettes of many, many genres! It offers plenty of nostalgia, such as old concert DVD’s, a collection of music oriented books, classic editions of popular music magazines such as Rolling Stone, SPIN and RIP, and various other items like posters of bands and artists. Local bands can head in and drop off flyers for upcoming shows or show-goers can stop in and grab the latest flyers for a night out in Ann Arbor.

School of Rock

A better way to learn music…

The Ann Arbor Music Center (AAMC) has students of all ages who are serious about furthering their musical careers and knowledge. It is open 7 days a week and hosts both private and band classes, working many instruments (bass, guitar, drums, paino, vocal, saxophone, etc…). Instructors are carefully chosen according to their skill and creativity and experience level. Also provided are summer day camps to practice instrumental and performance training, head to the website now to sign up!

The Blind Pig & 8Ball Saloon

Blind Pig & 8 Ball Saloon

The Blind Pig , located above the 8ball Saloon at 208 S. First St. in downtown Ann Arbor, has seen some pretty impressive talent, such as the Motor City punk pioneers, the MC5, Hendrix, and even John Lennon, plus tons of other local & touring artists, bands, & DJ’s over the last 3 decades. It’s also been a number one favorite of the late Kurt Cobain.

Head over for Monday night karaoke, and catch different genres of acts all throughout the week. Tonight check out the blind pig and catch S.U.N, Gorilla Funk Mob, Paradime (of Kid Rock fame), and tomorrow The Sights play with the Satin Peaches. And coming in March are Tally Hall, Electric Six, and Sister Hazel.

If pool tables and darts are more your taste, then head downstairs to the 8Ball.