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Zou Zou’s Cafe, downtown Chelsea

Zou Zou's Cafe, downtown Chelsea

Zou Zou's Cafe, downtown Chelsea

Zou Zou’s Cafe is located right in downtown Chelsea. Zou Zou is a French themed cafe thats not afraid to get artsy! Their prime Main St. location makes it the perfect spot for showcasing local music and proudly sells local artists pottery and art. It’s a cozy place to sit in and sip a hot beverage or sit outside overlooking and soak in the historical feeling of downtown Chelsea.


Moosejaw is located on Main St. right downtown Ann Arbor. It’s the ultimate place to go for the outdoorsy types… rockclimbing, runnin’ the trails, skiing…whatever your sport may be, they have all the gear to help you and all the clothing to fit your needs. Check them out online before heading in the store to make sure they have what your looking for and check out their deals.

Ann Arbor’s Fairy Doors

If Ann Arbor hasn’t made itself clear already as to how unique and fun it truly is, than right now its screaming at the top of its lungs, because we in downtown Ann Arbor have something that no other city does… FAIRY DOORS! To me, the idea of the fairy doors almost seems like something from the imagination of London or an area overwhelmed with history.

Its quite an interesting story behind how the fairy doors came to be and alot of fun to venture around the town looking for them. But if you dont have the time to stroll the streets of downtown, head to the website for a list of where you can find them. The door above is built-in to the main door to The Ark on Main St.

Vault of Midnight Comic Books

Vault of Midnight sells comic books, graphic novels, trades paperbacks, manga, action figures, statues, DVD’s, t-shirts, posters, art prints, and tons of stuff from Kid Robot, StrangeCo, Critterbox, and Toy2R, top comic oriented companies. It’s situated on S Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor and open seven days a week! Head to their website for store info, events, the latest shipment info, and ‘geeky news’.