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Un-stress at the Crazy Wisdom Tea Room!

Crazy Wisdom

If you’re interested in holistic health, bodymind therapies, yoga and astrology, than Crazy Wisdom might be just what you’re looking for! Located right downtown is Crazy Wisdom Tea Room, specializing in alternative spiritual practices. It also offers various items surrounding psychology, Buddhism, spiritual developments, zen/yoga, meditation, astrology, and herbal remedies. Shop on the main floor for art, music, book, crafts, candles/incense, yoga supplies, and ritual items, then head upstairs to un-stress in the café with a variety of teas, coffees, specialty drinks, and café foods to choose from, while you read a book from the upstairs library. Don’t forget to check the website for events and newly received books and CD’s!

 Take part in events such as tarot & psychic readings, shiatsu healing sessions, live music, meditation meetings, drum circles, and various workshops. Check HERE for the Crazy Wisdom events calendar.