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Category Archives: About Ann Arbor

Comet Coffee

Comet Coffee is located in the covered walkway of Nickels Arcade, connecting Downtown Ann Arbor’s State St. & Maynard by the U of M campus. They have the basics of coffee like Mochas, Cappacinos, & Americanos displayed on the menu above the counter, in a stylish and modern way. In fact, the coffeeshop is so cute and modern itself. But if the basics arent your style, you feel you need a little more pizzazz… well not only do they offer 15 drip coffees & a variety of unique speciality drinks, but you can give your palette everything it wants with a lemon ginger scone on the side! Yum! Once you get your coffee-needs taken care of at Comet Coffee, you won’t want to go anywhere else! Follow them on twitter @cometcoffee

Local Ann Arbor Art


Throughout Ann Arbor there are tons of places where you can find wonderful hidden spots of art. On Liberty and State is a great wall mural of poets and just down the street from that is an alley of hidden local art. On Miller Rd under the train tracks is a great mural as well. It all just adds a little spice to the Ann Arborites life. There are so many colors and wonderful things to look at while traveling through downtown Ann Arbor. Even while shopping the boutqiues and walking up and down the sidewalks theres always something interesting to take a  glimpse at; from the people to the buildings to the art that surrounds them!


Open until 2am, Club Necto is a dance club located on Liberty that has a DJ  every night spinning a specific blend of hits to match the nights theme. It has a full bar, VIP area, coat check, 2 dance floors, dance stages, indoor sitting areas, and 2 patios for summer nights. You can even host your own party here by reserving a dance floor for personal parties or benefits.

Check them out on twitter @necto for updates and theme night anouncements.


Located on Liberty St. in downtown Ann Arbor is Encore Records. One of only a few right downtown. You can come here to buy and trade music… perfect for a real music fan of vinyl, CD’s, and cassettes of many, many genres! It offers plenty of nostalgia, such as old concert DVD’s, a collection of music oriented books, classic editions of popular music magazines such as Rolling Stone, SPIN and RIP, and various other items like posters of bands and artists. Local bands can head in and drop off flyers for upcoming shows or show-goers can stop in and grab the latest flyers for a night out in Ann Arbor.

Top of the Park 2010

Running Tues-Sun until Sun Jul 11 Ann Arbor will be having its  Annual Top of the Park Summer Festival. Top of the Park is a free, family-friendly outdoor event consisting of movie screenings like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Westside Story, Avatar, and Fantastic Mr. Fox for the youngsters. Plus, live music nightly with a variety of big named local bands such as the Howlin’ Diablos and ‘After Dark’ which offers a live DJ after 10:30pm.

A look into the past…Schaeberle Music House


Featured above in the photo of Old Ann Arbor is Schaeberle Music House, founded by John Martin Schaeberle who, as a baby moved from Germany to Ann Arbor, where he stayed until the end of his life. Schaeberle was actually an astronomer. He studied at U of M and went on to own his very own, private Observatory, invent a special camera to take pictures of the Sun, and discover three comets. There are three moon and mars craters named after Schaeberle.