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Ann Arbor Is Becoming Michigan’s Center of Power

For those “in the know,” the place to call home in southeast Michigan is Ann Arbor . We’ve recently pointed out a number of reasons why people of all walks of life enjoy living here, but the number of affluential (and influential!) people and companies choosing our city may come as a surprise.

Proximity to the University of Michigan plays a role in this influx. According to Lou Glazer, president of the Michigan Future think tank, 80% of all jobs being created in the US economy are knowledge jobs – those that require higher education and skill levels. “If place matters, and it does, in attracting talented young professionals, Ann Arbor is the leading edge of such places in the state,” Glazer said. Of course, Ann Arbor offers a lot more than just the UM connection, but it’s an important one.

When Google, Toyota ,and Hyundai chose new locations for large-scale operations, they chose Ann Arbor. Why? It’s the best place to find a wealth of engineering talent. The two car companies (Toyota, the largest in the world and Hyundai, the fastest-growing) placed their technology centers where they could most easily tap that talent.

In addition to these three companies, take a look at the individuals who have made Ann Arbor their hometown:

  • Rick Snyder, Republican candidate for governor;
  • Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor;
  • Bob King, UAW president;
  • Doug Rothwell, president, Business Leaders for Michigan;
  • Bob Lutz, consummate car guy and ex-honcho at Ford, General Motors and Chrysler;
  • David Brandon, former Domino’s Pizza CEO and now athletic director at the University of Michigan;
  • Ron Weiser, chairman, Michigan Republican Party, and
  • Gerry Anderson, the new CEO of DTE Energy.

Michigan income figures have – like those across the country – taken a number of serious blows during the past decade, and even Ann Arbor felt those hits. But through innovative thinking and a serious desire to move forward, our city in rapidly becoming the place to be – not only in southeast Michigan, but in the entire state.

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