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Ann Arbor Approves Phase of Zingerman’s Deli Expansion

Are you a fan of Ann Arbor‘s Zingerman’s Delicatessen? If so, you’ll be happy to know that the deli recently received a unanimous thumbs-up from the Ann Arbor Planning Commission for expansion. Soon, Ann Arbor will be able to enjoy Zingerman’s “world famous” brownies, mouth-watering sandwiches and widely-varied coffees in a much less crowded and more comfortable environment.

The deli and catering business opened in the Kerrytown neighborhood in the Old Fourth Ward Historic District, in 1982 with a staff of three. It has become one of Ann Arbor’s most successful small businesses EVER. Last year they sold over 300,000 sandwiches, and their staff has grown to 180. Their recognition in the national media and on the internet – as well as throughout the city – has made Zingerman’s an Ann Arbor landmark. The current campus, located at 422 Detroit Street in Ann Arbor, includes a next door cafe and an outdoor plaza.

Riding an ever-increasing wave of popularity, Zingerman’s now wants to enlarge. Although the expansion still needs approval from the city’s Historic District Commission, Zingerman’s estimated $3.5 million expansion project will increase seating capacity, improve accessibility for the handicapped, and expand the kitchen and storage space.  

The plan to enlarge the deli has been several years in the making, as the Historic District Commission opposed plans to Zingerman's - eat in or carry outrevamp the building and tear down two homes and an old two story building to make room for the expansion. The Commission ruled that the buildings were “contributing structures” to the character of the area. Current plans will keep all but one fire-damaged home intact and will incorporate the old building into the design. The project is expected to win final approval from the Historic District Commission and the City Council as Zingerman’s has proved that it will benefit the neighborhood. 

An expanded Zingermans’s will further stimulate the economy of the area, while incorporating green building technology into the renovations; the deli will be energy efficient and will likely receive silver or gold LEED certification for the design. Since there will be more storage space, deliveries will be less frequent and less disruptive to the neighborhood.

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