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Allen Creek – A Bit of Ann Arbor History Right in the City

Allen Creek is the site of the first settlement in Ann Arbor, and it still runs through the city’s west side. The creek was named for Ann Arbor’s co-founder, John Allen, in 1824. The main branch of Allen Creek runs northward roughly parallel to the Ann Arbor Railroad tracks, starting at Pioneer High and flowing into the Huron River just below Argo Dam. Near the creek lies Allen Creek Condominiums. Built in 1988, the cozy complex features two decks, walk-out lower levels, fireplaces, and garage parking.

In 1846, William Maynard laid out the first section of the Old West Side, from First to Fourth Streets. When Ann Arbor began developing in the 1850s, many businesses were located along Allen Creek. Four tanneries on the creek used its water to soak cowhides, and pelts of wild animals trapped in the surrounding forests. A foundry (located at the current site of the Y on Huron Street) used the creek for its sand casting. And two breweries used the creek water to cool their beer.

Also near the Allen Creek Condominiums is Eberwhite Woods, a 29-acre forest situated between Liberty, Dartmoor, Soule, and Arbordale streets. The woods is owned by the Ann Arbor Public Schools, and is open to the public. The woods are a unique environment, a remnant of a native oak-hickory forest which has never been clear-cut. A wide variety of wildflowers, including some state-threatened species such as goldenseal, can be found in the woods.

Residents of Allen Creek Condominiums are located near shops and resturants on Stadium Ave. The complex is also wihtint walking distance of downtown Ann Arbor which not only has a world of restaurants, shops, and galleries to explore, but is the scene of festivals and other events throughout the year.

If you want more exercise than walking to eat and shop, you can work out the Liberty Athletic Club on W. Liberty where you can enjoy indoor basketball courts, swimming,and tennis in addition to workout facilities and a day spa.

Allen Creek is offers convenient access to I-94, as well as the University of Michigan campus and the favorite Ann Arbor classic, The Big House football stadium.

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