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Archives: February 2010

Circus Bar

painting at The Circus Bar

Located on S. First in downtown Ann Arbor, inside the same building as the Cavern Club, Gotham City, and Millenium Bar is the Circus Bar. If you don’t like clowns, beware- It has a 5 foot clown suspended from the ceiling! But don’t let that distract you from the weekend karaoke, also this weekend is live music by Killer Flamingos! Check out the website for event information.

Swank Seafood and Martini Bar on Main St. Strip

Black Pearl


If you think various dishes of seafood and an ever growing list of exotic drinks is enough to separate it from the rest of the bars on the main street strip, but then you add a live band, dim atmosphere, and a cool vibe, well you have yourself quite the unique bar located at 302 S Main in downtown Ann Arbor. Check out the Black Pearl website for menu options, information on live music, or to have them cater your next event!

Blimpy Burger – Ann Arbor’s Oldest Burger Joint!

Blimpy Burger

Located on the corner of Packard and S. Division in a cafeteria-style setting, Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger grinds their own beef daily.  There is an extremely particular format or rules you must follow in order to successfully order your meal, and avoid being scolded, so print it from their website and bring it with you!

You can opt for a starter-sized double or go straight for the gut-busting quintuple, because they only make singles for kids! For sides, of course there’s the favorite: french fries, but also fried veggies. You will not find a more unique or tasty burger with many unique choices of toppings!

Un-stress at the Crazy Wisdom Tea Room!

Crazy Wisdom

If you’re interested in holistic health, bodymind therapies, yoga and astrology, than Crazy Wisdom might be just what you’re looking for! Located right downtown is Crazy Wisdom Tea Room, specializing in alternative spiritual practices. It also offers various items surrounding psychology, Buddhism, spiritual developments, zen/yoga, meditation, astrology, and herbal remedies. Shop on the main floor for art, music, book, crafts, candles/incense, yoga supplies, and ritual items, then head upstairs to un-stress in the café with a variety of teas, coffees, specialty drinks, and café foods to choose from, while you read a book from the upstairs library. Don’t forget to check the website for events and newly received books and CD’s!

 Take part in events such as tarot & psychic readings, shiatsu healing sessions, live music, meditation meetings, drum circles, and various workshops. Check HERE for the Crazy Wisdom events calendar. 

Timing is Everything for Ann Arbor Home Buyers & Sellers

Buying or Selling - Timing is KeyHow the end of federal programs affects the Ann Arbor real estate market.

With the federal tax credits for home buyers winding down, last week also saw news of the federal government ending their year-long support of the mortgage industry. This government backing helped banks keep mortgage rates at or near historic lows, allowing many first-time home buyers a chance to buy their dream home and existing home owners a chance to refinance or move into a new home.

So what does this mean for Ann Arbor home buyers?

Saavy house hunters in Ann Arbor can still combine low mortgage rates and the federal tax credit program to get them into the house or condo of their dreams! But time truly is of the essence. Federal support for the mortgage industry is slated to wind down at the end of March…at which point interest rates may start to climb again.

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THE ARK- Local Coffeehouse to Music Powerhouse

The Ark

The Ark was formed in 1965 by a coalition of churches that created a coffee house focusing on music and social issues. It has grown into the now non-profit venue on S. Main, presenting national, regional, & international artists known for usually playing to much larger audiences. It has over 300 shows a year by Folk/Indie/Ethnic and Acoustic performers, and does so well at capturing that special artist-audience connection, and producing quality shows for passionate fans. Everyone from the audience, to the volunteers, to the performers on stage fills the Ark with diverse backgrounds and interesting conversation.

Until March it will be pairing with U of M Museum of Art (UMMA) to invite student songwriters to the stage, general public is able to attend free of charge. This is similar to another event The Ark participates in called ‘Open Stage’, which gives local artists a chance to shine for a 2-song set. Names are picked at random. Head to the Ark to sign up for your chance! Upcoming events at the Ark include their Storytelling Festival being held Febuary 20th and 21st.

Whether it is from donations or volunteers, the Ark relies on community support.  CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT THE ARK