Moving In? Think of Your Exit Strategy

When you first move into your new Ann Arbor home, moving out may be the farthest thing from your mind. Strange as this sounds, you should always have an exit strategy in mind even before you commit to buy. When you are moving in, think ahead to when you will be moving out.

If you are buying your first house, you are probably buying an acceptable home that does not have all the amenities of your dream house. If you are middle aged, you may be transferred after you’ve been there a couple years or decide that your kids need their own rooms.  If your nest is emptying, you may want a smaller place.  All of these scenarios contribute to the statistics quoted by the National Association of Realtors that the average America moves every six years.

The reality that your housing needs may change should make you thoughtful of where you buy and what you buy.  If you buy a tiny house by the freeway that has been sitting vacant for two years until you fell it love with it, will you be able to sell it quickly if you need to?  Is the neighborhood stable? Are there good schools nearly? If you are buying a condo, are vacancies filled quickly?

Once you are content that the home you have chosen will serve your needs now and be easy to sell when it is time, your start to think what you’d like to do to the place and may come up with a list of projects as costly as the house itself.  When you start to pull your list down from the stratosphere, prioritize the projects.  If you’d like a remodeled kitchen and bath, so would the next owners. (Kitchen and bath remodels are two most prized renovations and the one that bring the biggest return on investment.)

Even when you are furnishing and decorating your first home, think of the future. Huge overstuffed furniture looks great in the store, but can overwhelm many rooms in an average sized home.  It can make the room is too small –especially when surrounded with clutter.   You can fill your home with things you love, but when it is time to sell, the house will seem too small to potential buyer if the furniture is oversized.  At that time, our real estate agent may suggest you store your giant couch, but that is easier said than done.

With just a couple weeks left for the housing credit, you may be zeroing on the home you will buy.  Your Realtor® cannot see the future any more than you can, but will offer you some insight into planning for your exit strategy.  He will be helpful in discussing past and present neighborhood housing values with you and point you to some other resources where you can more thoroughly investigate the area.

The Bouma Group’s informative blog will supply all the latest information about recovering market trends and what Washtenaw County and Ann Arbor neighborhoods will rebound the quickest based on these certain factors.  The real estate professionals at The Bouma Group can help you find or sell real estate in Ann Arbor based on these important location factors.  The Bouma Group is always looking for your feedback and opinions in order to help them provide better and more resourceful information for you in your search for real estate in Ann Arbor.

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