Making “Smooth Moves” in Ann Arbor is All About Planning

Our moving truck rides smooth to your new homePlanning a move is never easy; whether it’s across the country, or across town to a new home here in Ann Arbor, nobody enjoys the process of relocating. You’re in good company – it’s estimated that about 40 million people move annually in the United States. Excellent planning can make your next jump far easier – and less painful – than you might think. Whether it’s your first move into a home, or a final move to the condominium here you’ve always dreamed of retiring, there are abundant resources available to help you plan and execute your next move without undue stress.

Write it down! Regardless of the method you choose, you need documentation for each step of the moving process. If you know you’re moving, then you probably know when you’re moving – make that date your starting point. Plot your activities on a monthly, weekly and daily basis; there are free, downloadable, printable forms available online (click here for an example), or you can create your own.

Stay organized! Designate a specific area in your home as “Packing Central.” Keep all of your moving supplies – including your checklists – in this space. Although the rest of your home may feel utterly chaotic, Packing Central will be your haven of clarity. Items to have on hand in your “Packing Central” space should include:

  • printed, organized checklists;
  • plenty of pens and markers;
  • labels;
  • packing tape;
  • bubble wrap and/or packing paper for breakable items and, last but not least,


You cannot – repeat, CANNOT – have too many moving boxes. Over-“guesstimate” how many boxes you’ll need, then add at least 10 more (remember, you’ll have last-minute items to be packed on moving day). Get boxes of every size you think you might need; don’t forget that tall wardrobe boxes can be used to pack lightweight items like linens. There are a variety of resources for finding boxes; you can get them free from local grocery stores (call ahead – store managers are happy to tell you the best time of day to pick up empties), your moving company, if you’re using one, or from a variety of online suppliers.

You can arrange well in advance to have utilities at your old residence disconnected, as well as having service established at your new home. The City of Ann Arbor website is a great starting point for local services, with many links that you may find to be of interest.

Preferred clients with The Bouma Group have access to a FREE MOVING TRUCK. Brand-new and fully-equipped, this moving truck is just one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy when you relocate with The Bouma Group – whether you’re buying, building, or selling a home.
Undecided about where you’d like to move in Washtenaw County? Take a virtual tour of communities and condos throughout the area! Martin Bouma – your Ann Arbor neighborhood expert – is prepared to meet all of your Ann Arbor real estate needs. Be sure to check out our Condo Hotline for locations both right downtown, and throughout the Ann Arbor condominium market. The Bouma Group can answer any questions you have about real estate in Ann Arbor, whether you’re buying or selling a home or condo. If you’re interested in Washtenaw County, Chelsea, or a specific Ann Arbor neighborhood, call the Bouma Group today!

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