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East Delhi Bridge

East Delhi Bridge, MI

East Delhi Bridge

The Delhi Bridge pictured above is actually not the original bridge that once occupied this spot. The original bridge was destroyed by a tornado in 1918. The bridge was built by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio, a major and prolific bridge company with unique designs that are easily spotted.

 This bridge is located in a very picturesque setting, with a metro park close by, which offers awesome views of the bridge. Ruins of the Delhi Mills are still visible in the area, with some pretty rapids in the river in that area now also. The area is wooded, and the bridge seems to fit right in with its rural turn of the 20th century appearance. The demolition of this bridge and replacement with a modern slab of concrete would have had a severely detrimental effect on the beauty of the area.

Performance Network Theatre

“providing uncompromising artistic leadership in the region and producing works that engage, challenge and inspire audiences and artists. Be inspired”

The Performance Network of Ann Arbor is currently playing the ‘The Seafarer’ for audiences until an extended date of Sunday July 25th. You can buy tickets on their website. The PNT’s award-winning plays are put on by local Broadway quality actors and actresses performing popular plays with full sets, costumes, and makeup. They just announced they will be performing Marie Antoinette, The Color of Flesh, by Joel Gross.

The Performance Network Theatre is located on the corner of E Huron and 4th St. right downtown!

Top of the Park 2010

Running Tues-Sun until Sun Jul 11 Ann Arbor will be having its  Annual Top of the Park Summer Festival. Top of the Park is a free, family-friendly outdoor event consisting of movie screenings like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Westside Story, Avatar, and Fantastic Mr. Fox for the youngsters. Plus, live music nightly with a variety of big named local bands such as the Howlin’ Diablos and ‘After Dark’ which offers a live DJ after 10:30pm.


Kerrytown Market & Shops

Named after the Irish town that the founders called home, Kerrytown was originally made up of 3 main buildings in the late 1800’s used for a trade site. Those 3 historic buildings still remain & make up part of the original Village of Ann Arbor. Special care has been used to keep these historic buildings as special as they always were.

The unique shops really add a variety to the downtown area. There’s french, seafood, and japanese dining, a quick lunch stop counter, hair studio, kids stores, Sweetwaters coffee and tea shop, stationary store, home goods store, spice merchant, meat and produce shop, FOUND– a vintage shop, a wine store, a jewelry shop, and adult clothing stores with international items. Also at the Kerrytown tower is meetings and tours 🙂

Circus Bar

painting at The Circus Bar

Located on S. First in downtown Ann Arbor, inside the same building as the Cavern Club, Gotham City, and Millenium Bar is the Circus Bar. If you don’t like clowns, beware- It has a 5 foot clown suspended from the ceiling! But don’t let that distract you from the weekend karaoke, also this weekend is live music by Killer Flamingos! Check out the website for event information.

Blimpy Burger – Ann Arbor’s Oldest Burger Joint!

Blimpy Burger

Located on the corner of Packard and S. Division in a cafeteria-style setting, Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger grinds their own beef daily.  There is an extremely particular format or rules you must follow in order to successfully order your meal, and avoid being scolded, so print it from their website and bring it with you!

You can opt for a starter-sized double or go straight for the gut-busting quintuple, because they only make singles for kids! For sides, of course there’s the favorite: french fries, but also fried veggies. You will not find a more unique or tasty burger with many unique choices of toppings!

THE ARK- Local Coffeehouse to Music Powerhouse

The Ark

The Ark was formed in 1965 by a coalition of churches that created a coffee house focusing on music and social issues. It has grown into the now non-profit venue on S. Main, presenting national, regional, & international artists known for usually playing to much larger audiences. It has over 300 shows a year by Folk/Indie/Ethnic and Acoustic performers, and does so well at capturing that special artist-audience connection, and producing quality shows for passionate fans. Everyone from the audience, to the volunteers, to the performers on stage fills the Ark with diverse backgrounds and interesting conversation.

Until March it will be pairing with U of M Museum of Art (UMMA) to invite student songwriters to the stage, general public is able to attend free of charge. This is similar to another event The Ark participates in called ‘Open Stage’, which gives local artists a chance to shine for a 2-song set. Names are picked at random. Head to the Ark to sign up for your chance! Upcoming events at the Ark include their Storytelling Festival being held Febuary 20th and 21st.

Whether it is from donations or volunteers, the Ark relies on community support.  CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT THE ARK

U of M’s Crisler Arena

Crisler Arena_1

Not only do University of Michigan’s Men and Women’s basketball teams play at Crisler Arena, it also holds events such as gymnastics, high school graduations and concerts. UM Regents are considering a proposed major renovation that could begin in 2011….check out the story here.  Keep an eye on the next men’s basketball game, vs. Northwestern, on Tuesday, Feb. 2, as they’ll need to win this Big 10 game to keep fighting towards NCAA’s March Madness !

The Blind Pig & 8Ball Saloon

Blind Pig & 8 Ball Saloon

The Blind Pig , located above the 8ball Saloon at 208 S. First St. in downtown Ann Arbor, has seen some pretty impressive talent, such as the Motor City punk pioneers, the MC5, Hendrix, and even John Lennon, plus tons of other local & touring artists, bands, & DJ’s over the last 3 decades. It’s also been a number one favorite of the late Kurt Cobain.

Head over for Monday night karaoke, and catch different genres of acts all throughout the week. Tonight check out the blind pig and catch S.U.N, Gorilla Funk Mob, Paradime (of Kid Rock fame), and tomorrow The Sights play with the Satin Peaches. And coming in March are Tally Hall, Electric Six, and Sister Hazel.

If pool tables and darts are more your taste, then head downstairs to the 8Ball.