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Deer Run, Dexter Real Estate Report

Deer Run Real Estate Report – August 2018

Deer Run is a lovely Dexter subdivision; not only are the views stunning, but the lots are large as well. Further, each home is uniquely designed and this contributes to the appeal of the neighborhood. There are currently no homes listed for sale and so far this year, 2 have sold.Deer Run Subdivision Ann Arbor MI

Sold Homes:

  • $475,000. 5542 Deer Run Ln., Ann Arbor. 2976 sq. ft., + 1000 in finished lower level with 5 bedrooms and 3.1 baths.
  • $458,000. 6810 Brassow Ln., Ann Arbor 2469 sq. ft., + 1600 in finished lower level with 5 bedrooms and 3.1 baths.

Last year at Deer Run, 2 homes sold with an average sale price of $389,500 and an average price per square foot of $153.00. The 2 homes sold this year have an ASP of $466,500, up 19.8%, and an A$/SF of $177.00, up 15.7%. Comparing the average square footage of the 2 homes sold in 2017 versus this year, there is a difference of approximately 200 square feet; 2018 averaging at 2722 square feet meaning more space. To learn more about home values at Deer Run, contact the real estate specialists with The Bouma Group at (734)761-3060 or email View more Dexter neighborhoods here!


Home Buying 101: The Service Providers You Need for Your Home Purchase

Home Buying 101

When it comes to buying a home, there are more things to consider than you may realize. After all, it’s a lot more complicated than walking into the grocery store to buy a gallon of milk!

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases the average person makes. As such, you can expect there to be a lot of preparation, negotiation, and paperwork involved. In addition to obtaining a mortgage and signing the paperwork, there are a number of other tasks that need to be completed before you can open the doors to your new home.

Here’s a quick crash course in Home Buying 101: what service providers you need to hire while purchasing your new home.

Mortgage Lender

Man and a woman speaking with a bank lender holding pens.Ideally, you should start talking to lenders before you even begin looking for homes—and get pre-qualified for a mortgage as soon as possible.

Pre-qualification involves reviewing all of your finances, including income, expenses, and savings, with a lender.

Then, the lender will do some math and let you know exactly how much the bank is willing to loan you.

From all of our years of experience, we suggest using a local lender. Contact us for a list of the best in the Ann Arbor area. Continue reading