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Scio Hills, Ann Arbor Subdivision Report

Scio Hills Real Estate Report – March 2018Scio Hills Subdivision, Ann Arbor MI Neighborhood

There is currently 1 home listed for sale at Scio Hills subdivision. So far this year, 1 has sold and in 2017, 2 homes sold.

Home for Sale:

  • $505,000.  2682 Valley Drive, Ann Arbor. 1834 sq. ft., +1834 in finished lower level, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Sold Homes:

  • $543,000.  4082 Ramsgate Court, Ann Arbor. 2548 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 2.1 baths.
  • $540,000.  1459 Coventry Square, Ann Arbor. 2600 sq. ft., +1100 in finished lower level, 4 bedrooms and 2.1 baths.
  • $485,000.  1483 Coventry Square, Ann Arbor. 2256 sq. ft., +600 in finished lower level, 3 bedrooms and 2.1 baths.

In 2016, 3 homes sold with an average sale price of $460,505 and an average price per square foot of $200.00. The 2 homes sold last year had an ASP of $512,500, up 11%, and an A$/SF of $211.00, up 5%. For more information on Scio Hills or to be instantly notified when a new listing comes to the market, contact the real estate specialists with The Bouma Group today at 734-761-3060 or email Check out more Ann Arbor neighborhoods here!

Meadow Creek, Dexter Real Estate Report

Meadow Creek Real Estate Report – March 2018Meadow Creek Subdivision, Dexter MI Real Estate Report

Due to it’s small size, Meadow Creek subdivision averages a home sale or two a year. In 2017, there was 1 sale and in 2016, there were 2 sales. There are currently no homes listed for sale.

Home Sold in 2017:

  • $440,000.  6433 Meadow Ridge Court, Dexter. 3100 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3.1 baths.

Homes Sold in 2016:

  • $385,000.  6469 Meadow Creek Drive, Dexter. 3080 sq. ft., +900 in finished lower level, 5 bedrooms and 3.1 baths.
  • $389,900.  6481 Meadow Creek Drive, Dexter. 3526 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3.1 baths.

Average sale price have risen significantly since the low in 2010 when it was $288,000 and the average price per square foot was $78.47. In 2016, the ASP was $387,450 and the A$/SF was $118.00 and in 2017, the ASP was $440,000, up almost 14% and the A$/SF was $142.00, up 20%. To learn more about home values at Meadow Creek or to be notified when a new listing comes to the market, contact the Dexter Real Estate specialists with The Bouma Group today at 734-761-3060 or email View more Dexter subdivisions here!


What’s Your Style? 5 Popular Architectural Styles to Consider for Your Dream Home

5 Popular Architectural Styles

Dream homes around the country have one thing in common: amazing architecture. From Greek Revival to Modern, we’re breaking down the most popular architectural styles in America to help you discover your own dream home.

A two-story Greek Revival plantation home with tall columns, wrap-around porches, and a grassy lawn.

1. Greek Revival Homes

Popular during the 1820s, ’30s, and ’40s, Greek Revival takes inspiration from the ornate temples of ancient Greek cities.

In America, you’ll find this architectural style sprinkled in cities throughout the country. Picture the magnificent columns and symmetrical design of historic Southern plantation homes, monuments like the Lincoln Memorial, and the White House itself, and you’re thinking of Greek Revival.

This architectural style exudes elegance and sophistication, which is why Greek Revival is one of the most popular housing styles in the United States. Many Greek Revival homes feature:

  • neutral exterior colors, particularly white
  • gabled roofs with a cornice
  • tall columns, either fluted or smooth

The Painted Ladies in San Francisco, a row of tri-colored Victorian houses with the San Francisco skyline in the background.

2. Victorian Homes

Fans of Full House will instantly recognize these colorful Victorian homes in San Francisco. The Victorian architectural style made its debut in America during the reign of Queen Victoria in the 19th century, popping up in small towns and big cities alike.

Victorian homes are often asymmetrical and ornate, and they typically include some or all of the following features:

  • bright, bold exteriors instead of neutral tones
  • elaborate trim and rooflines
  • towers with pointed roofs
  • bay windows

Two Tudor-style buildings, the one on the left with black timber in a criss-cross pattern and the one on the right with red timber in a criss-cross pattern.

3. Tudor Homes

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, homes started to take on the look of medieval European castles and inns.

The Tudor, or Tudor Revival, style is best recognized by the decorative timbers on the exterior of the house, but homes with this architectural style also feature:

  • steep gabled roofs
  • dormer windows
  • large decorative chimneys

A two-story brick Colonial house with dormer windows on the roof and two brick chimneys flanking both sides of the house.

4. Colonial Revival Homes

Arguably the most popular architectural style in the United States, Colonial Revival first came on the scene between the 1880s and 1950s. Dutch Revival and Georgian Revival are considered subcategories of the Colonial Revival style.

Like Tudor homes, Colonials often feature dormer windows and gabled roofs, but they can also have:

  • simple rectangular windows
  • symmetrical exteriors
  • covered center entrances

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater House, a Modern three-story home with a stone chimney that is surrounded by trees.

5. Modern Homes

Also known as Mid-Century Modern, this architectural style was popular during the 1930s, ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s and valued simplicity over showy design. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater House is a great example of this popular home style.

Since Modern houses were also designed as a way to connect with nature, these properties tend to feature:

  • open floor plans that flow to outdoor spaces
  • large windows and sliding glass doors
  • ranch or split-level layouts

No Matter Your Style, We Can Find Your Dream Home

Have your heart set on a certain architectural style? We’ll help you find (or build!) your dream home with the look and feel you want. Our Ann Arbor Neighborhoods contain all of these popular styles and more. Contact us today at The Bouma Group, Realtors at 734-761-3060 and let’s talk. Get started with your home search here!

Do You Know What These Crucial Real Estate Acronyms Mean?

A man standing on a flat field and juggling apples.Acronyms are tossed around like crazy in the real estate world, which can be confusing to even the most veteran home buyers. But don’t worry — it doesn’t take long to learn the language.

Here’s a quick list of the most widely used home buying acronyms and what they actually mean. Of course, if you’d like to know even more real estate terminology, don’t hesitate to call us.

MLS: Multiple Listing Service

The multiple listing service is a massive database of available properties that is split up into hundreds of different regions. If you’ve ever heard someone refer to a home as “on the market,” it means that the home is available on the MLS.

Buyers can search for properties that are on the MLS by using a real estate agent’s website (like ours!), but that’s not the only way to find homes. Your agent can send you updates whenever new properties hit the market.

Want to get these email updates? Call us at 734-761-3060 and we’ll set them up for you! Continue reading